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Av Camilla - 23 juni 2014 19:55

As many of you now i am addict to crochet mandala!
This pattern is found when i sat and looked through my patterns, it was an ordinary white doily! But the only thing i saw was a large mandala! I have almost done half the pattern so it Can be much bigger!
So look for the Big doily that Can turn into a Mandalas!

Av Camilla - 21 juni 2014 18:07

This  pattern can you find here: Coaster Welcome to my new blog.

Av Camilla - 19 juni 2014 19:36



You find this patter here on my new blog.


Av Camilla - 19 juni 2014 08:21

Efter många efterfrågningar om blogg , så har jag nu tagit steget att skaffa mig en! :) 

Här kommer jag dela med mig av inspiration och min mönster!

I have finally taken the step to get a blogg!

Here i will share inspiration and my patterns whit you all!

I hope it will be easy for all to find my pattern.

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Hello,my name is Camilla and I live in Vårgårda a small town in sweden.
Crocheting and design pattern is my big passion.
If you want to contact me send a mail to:



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