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The Family Heart square.

Av Camilla - 23 april 2015 18:00

You can find this pattern here: family square on my new blog.

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27 april 2015 09:27

what a wonderfull design, thank you to share the pattern. this gonna be my next project, as a beginner. many thanks


27 april 2015 17:04

Thank you so much :)

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Kim in Canada

1 juni 2015 17:05

Thank-you so much for posting your Family Heart Square pattern. I was looking for the perfect pattern to make as a gift for a friend who recently learned that her cancer is much worse. She's young, and beautiful, and the hearts will remind her that God loves her and is with her in her suffering. Thank-you for helping me to show her how much I love her, and to give her strength.


2 juni 2015 01:20

Thank you dear Kim,
I'm Happy that you have find my family heart square and i hope that the square will give your friend strength and hope. I hope your friend gets well. xxx

speedy sand

speedy sand

14 oktober 2015 17:28

wonderfull! I make this pattern...See on my blog for the photo!



15 oktober 2015 20:03

Thank you dear! I will visit your blog :)

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Av Camilla - 30 oktober 2016 13:20

  I am moving to new blog site... You are Welcome to visit me on crochetmillan.com   All my pattern will be publish on my new blog.This blog will soon be closed..Jag flyttar till en ny blogg sida, du är välkommen att besöka min nya sida: croc...

Av Camilla - 6 december 2015 17:23

   You can  find this pattern here: Great tit-Talgoxe  Welcome to my new blog.     ...

Av Camilla - 26 november 2015 19:10

You can find this pattern here: Bullfinch Welcome to my new blog.   ...

Av Camilla - 15 november 2015 21:00

  You find this pattern here: Julia square Welcome to my new blog. ...

Av Camilla - 29 oktober 2015 18:42

You find this pattern here: Me and my beanie Welcome to my new blog. ...

Hello,my name is Camilla and I live in Vårgårda a small town in sweden.
Crocheting and design pattern is my big passion.
If you want to contact me send a mail to: virkmillan@live.se



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